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  • Set Year: 2011
  • Set Number: 8066
  • Set Parts: 141
  • Building Instruction: No
  • Currency: na
8066 - Off-Roader
8066 - Off-Roader

This set 8066 the off-roader is a mean looking car and by the high free space no terrain is too rough for this little fella. Because of the good balance of parts a very nice set for beginners to tinker with Lego Technic. Because it is a small compact set it is filled with advanced construction solutions, so you can learn a lot from this one. Especially with 142 pieces and just 5 black pins, the construction will baffle you. It has on top an out of the ordinary solution for steering without gear rack and gear. Check it out!


Main model



This set has a compact build and a corresponding compact steering via a lever in stead of gear and gear rack. This works very smooth. A Light Bluish Gray Wheel 11mm D. x 8mm with Center Groove is displaced to the steering axle so it can wiggle left and right and pushing the steering beam due to two blue 3L pins left and right of the wheel. This makes this set very playable with the HOG-steering just behind the seats.


The suspension on this set is clever made just with one suspension spring dealing with the front and rear axle. The spring is just positioned in the middle of the car between the seats. Both the front axle and rear axle have their own turing points and both are connected to each side of the spring. This is well designed because even full compression on the rear will keep the steering ear free from the chassis.


  By using the Trans-Clear Bionicle 1 x 3 Tooth with Axle Hole (Bohrok Eye) and put those in an angle just under the hood gives this car a mean front look. Despite the small size of this set this attention for detail makes it a great set. Even the tail lights are not forgotten.


There is the fun, reclining seats and independent adjustable seats. What can you wish for more in such a small set.

Wheels and Tires

  This set contains 4 sets of wheels and tires of type:
  • Black Tire 37 x 18R.
  • Light Bluish Gray Wheel 18mm D. x 14mm with Pin Hole, Fake Bolts and Shallow Spokes.



Alternative Models




Parts List

Parts List

  A good balanced set of parts which gives tons of alternatives for this set. Give it a shot or check for ideas online.