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  • Set Year: 1985
  • Set Number: 1972
  • Set Parts: 98
  • Building Instruction: No
  • Currency: na

Set 1972 was the only Technic set released in 1985, was only available in the USA, and was only available as a promotional set.  Consequently, it is rather difficult to find. This set features rack and pinion steering as it's only technical function, and at the time was the simplest Technic set to date with the possible exception of 1924. Even the engine was just a stack of gray Lego plates mimicking a cooling fins.


Main model



The front wheels can be steered using a wheel at the driver's position. The wheel drives an axle connected to a 16 tooth spur gear. The gear drives a rack. The steering mechanism itself uses control arms and toothed links. This represents the first time a spur gear mated with a rack gear at an angle other than 90 degrees.

Wheels and Tires


This set contains 4 sets of wheels and tires of type:

  • Black Tire 24mm D. x 8mm Offset Tread - Interior Ridges.
  • Light Gray Wheel with Split Axle Hole.

By Technicopedia