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  • Set Year: 1999
  • Set Number: 1259
  • Set Parts: 29
  • Building Instruction: No
  • Currency: na

This little motorcycle released in 1999 came in multiple packages with different numbers as part of a series of 4 micro models.  As 1259 it came in standard Technic packaging in a small box.  As 1268 it was available only in North America in a polybag.  As 3003 it was available as a polybag only in Japan with Kabaya candy.  There is no difference apart from the packaging.

This model is very similar to, and could easily be confused with, 2544.  However, that other model had front suspension in addition to the rear, and this model adds a fairing.  Apart from the color, this model is even more similar to 3054.

In a surprising twist of complexity, the front wheel is spoked while the rear wheel is not.


The rear axle of this model is suspended on a trailing arm and supported by a rubber band looped over the frame.

By Technicopedia