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  • Set Year: 1994
  • Set Number: 8812
  • Set Parts: 149
  • Building Instruction: No
  • Currency: na

This small helicopter, released in 1994, was one of the smallest to date.  It features rotating main and tail rotors.  The canopy is constructed from semi-rigid pneumatic tubing.  1994 was the first year that pneumatic tubing was used as a design element, and this in one of two models in which this was done this year.  This technique would continue far into the future.

A lovely little turbine part from the System line gives the engine a nice aesthetic touch.

This set was re-released in 2002 as 8429.


The rotors' rotation is driven by an input crank on the left side.  This crank drives a set of 8 and 24 tooth gears.  The 8 tooth gear drives the main rotor.  The 24 tooth crown gear meshes with a second 8 tooth spur in turn drives another such set.  The last axle runs back to a set of 8 and 24 tooth gears which reverse the gear ratio of the previous set for the tail rotor.  Both main and tail rotors turn at the same rate, with a ratio of 3:1 with respect to the input crank

The main and tail rotors each have 2 blades. The tail rotor uses the specialized 2 blade rotor part for this purpose.


The landing skids are constructed axles supported by liftarms.  The wheels on the aft end of the skids are for ground handling.  They allow the helicopter to be turned by hand on the ground.

By Technicopedia