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  • Set Year: 2001
  • Set Number: 8465
  • Set Parts: 364
  • Building Instruction: No
  • Currency: na

The 8465 Extreme Off-Roader seems to be based off an Icelandic formula off-roader.  These hill climbing monsters have huge V-8 engines, but the model has only a square simulated supercharger scoop part unique to this model in gray.  There is no functional engine, and in fact there are not many features for a model of this size.  The model does feature wonderful suspension and steering, but the most striking aspect is the new painted metallic green color and silver ribbed hoses.  The only parts using the metallic green are curved panels.  This model also uses the new 4x6 frames to create a rigid chassis.


The front wheels can be steered using a "hand of god"wheel at the top of the vehicle.  The input drives through a set of bevel gears.  Finally, an 8 tooth pinion mates with the rare tiny gear rack.  This gear rack has ball joints at either end which attach to steering links.  Thes links terminate at the ball joints on the steering control arms.

Because everything in the system uses ball joints, the steering is able to function even when the geometry changes due to suspension travel.

The steering wheel at the driver's position is not connected to anything.


The front winch uses a very simple rubber band powered ratchet and pawl system with a 20 tooth double bevel gear to hold the cable drum in place.  To pay out cable, the gray ball joint just needs to be pushed down to release the mechanism. The gear also serves as the crank to draw in the cable.

The winch is modular and can be easily removed from the front of the vehicle and placed on the back.


The front and rear suspension are nearly identical except that the rear fixes the tie rods to structure while the front is steerable.  Neither axle is driven.

The suspension is a double wishbone type, but the left and right are not indepedent.  A lateral spring acts as a shared shock absorber .

An interesting aspect of this vehicle is the fact that the mud guards are attached to the spring arms and therefore move with the suspension as can be seen in the animation.

Wheels and Tires

This set uses 4 of the large 68.8 x 40 balloon tires and wheels.

By Technicopedia