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  • Set Year: 2001
  • Set Number: 8241
  • Set Parts: 115
  • Building Instruction: No
  • Currency: na

This strange little set may or may not be part of the Speed Slammers line, but I can't think of anywhere else to put it.  It fits within the model numbers of the slammers, but functionaly it is more like a Competition set.  It is very simple and has only the single function of using hammers to attempt to strike the target of the opposing vehicle.   The two cars are identical apart from color.

Battle Targets

Each car with a hammer made from a tire which is actuated by another tire on the rear of the vehicle.  The object of competition is to strike the target of your opponent's vehicle.  If successful, a lever arm on the effected vehicle ejects the "head".

In practice, it is very difficult to actually strike the target of the other vehicle unless it is totally stationary.

By Technicopedia