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  • Set Year: 2001
  • Set Number: 8008
  • Set Parts: 361
  • Building Instruction: No
  • Currency: na

"Aren't you a little skinny for a stormtrooper?". Well this ubiquitous Star Wars character certainly could use some bulking up.  His head seems very oversized compared to his body.  Like C-3PO, he has no articulation in the legs or torso.  His main feature is a competition cannon on his right arm.  The set includes an orange liftarm for the shoulder in case you want this stormtrooper to be an officer.

This model uses a lot of parts which are uncommon in white but otherwise unremarkable.  Most of the construction is studless using axles and connectors with panels to close the most obvious gaps.  As you can see in the side views, the whole figure leans forward a bit, but is reasonably stable on the large feet.


The left and right arms are connected together with a lateral axle and can be raised and lowered with a gear on the back.  This allows the otherwise fixed blaster in the figure's right arm to be aimed up and down.  A gray ball joint at the shoulder connects to the trigger with a flex system cable allowing the blaster to be fired remotely.

Although Obi-wan might comment that the blast points of stormtroopers are more accurate than Tusken raiders, evidence would suggest that they are actually terrible shots.  This model is no exception.  It is pretty hard to hit anything smaller than the broad side of a sandcrawler.

By Technicopedia