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  • Set Year: 1999
  • Set Number: 1257
  • Set Parts: 30
  • Building Instruction: No
  • Currency: na

This little tricycle released in 1999 came in multiple packages with different numbers as part of a series of 4 micro models.  As 1257 it came in standard Technic packaging in a small box.  As 3000 it was available as a polybag only in Japan with Kabaya candy.  There is no difference apart from the packaging.

While it is not clear whether this is a motorcycle or a child's tricycle, it does feature simple suspension.  Technic models don't get much sipmler than this, so it is an example of a model accessible to virtually any age group.


The rear axle of this model is suspended on a trailing arm and supported by a rubber band looped over the frame.

By Technicopedia