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  • Set Year: 1995
  • Set Number: 8235
  • Set Parts: 165
  • Building Instruction: No
  • Currency: na

The 8235 wheel loader, released in 1995, is similar in size and appearance to its 3 year older cousin 8828 - Front End Loader, but functionally it is quite different.  Both have rear wheel rack and pinion steering, but in this case the bucket lift is pivoted about the rear of the vehicle resulting in a much higher lift.  The dump mechanism uses an over-center linkage with a cam.

This model also makes use of both of the new gearboxes for ease of assembly, as would be expected of a Tech Play model.  The worm gearbox actually ends up making the rear of the vehicle look rather hollow and fragile, but technically it works marvelously.  This model also comes with a Technic figure to operate the machine.  Finally, like most of this year's set, the crank uses the new handle part which would never be seen again.


The rear wheels can be steered using an overhead "Hand of God" control.

The overhead control drives an axle connected to a pair of 14 tooth bevel gears.  The second axle drives a rack via an  8 tooth pinion gear.  The steering mechanism itself uses steering arms and toothed links as shown in the computer image.

This mechanism makes use of the new gearbox (in red) for the bevel gears, making them a bit easier to assemble and align.

The wheel axles are the new 3L axles with stops at the inner ends.  This eliminates the need for a bushing on the inside of the steering arm.

Bucket Lift

The front bucket can be lifted via a crank on the rear of the vehicle.  The crank uses one of the new handle pieces on a 1/2 pin to make turning quite comfortable.  The crank turns a worm gear which drives a 24 tooth spur gear.  This gear drives an axle connected to a pair of liftamrs.  The liftarms effectively lock the rotation of the axle to the Technic beams which make up the main structural support.

The use of a worm gear results in a system which cannot be backdriven (because the axial friction is higher than the backdriving torque due to the screw pitch angle) which allows the bucket to be supported so that it does not fall under its own weight.

This mechanism uses the new worm gearbox to align the worm gear and the 24 tooth spur and to carry the thrust loads of the worm gear.  Note that the only thing holding the entire assembly to the model would be the 8 studs on the bottom of the gearbox if it weren't for the 6L vertical beams intersecting the lift axle.


The front bucket can be dumped via a handle on the left side of the vehicle.  The pole reverser handle is connected to a cam (pivoting on the red axle) and one of the new long connecting rods.  Translation of the rod causes rotation of the bucket about the lower lugs (green axle).

If you look carefully at the animation, you can see that the crank goes over center when the bucket is up which locks it in place and prevents it from tipping.


This loader is operated by a literal blue collar worker.  He sits in a nicely proportioned Technic seat in the right position, but there are no simulated controls for him to operate.

This particular Technic figure is among the most rare, appearing in only this set.

Wheels and Tires

This set uses four of the 20x30 rubber balloon tires and wheels.

By Technicopedia