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Technic Lego 855 Mobile Crane

7 March 2015 - 9:13 pm

As I wrote before where I ran into set 857 Motorcycle I rebuild the 855 Mobile Crane. In 2009 I picked up Technic Lego again as a hobby. However it started all in 1980 when I got the 8860 as a birthday present. So I do have some history with Technic Lego. This set is again amazingly great considering the limited technic parts available in that time. First thing is the color scheme with just the basic colors bleu, red, yellow, black and grey for technic parts. Unfortunately I couldn't build the set precisly in the same colours. Find the differences :-).


As you can see in the detail photo's the construction for the reach out of the beam is a good solution to combine it with the hinge of the beam. Besides the transfer of the reach up to the end of the beam is in good scale with the yellow beam itself. Not to mention the subtle choice for a bleu inner beam for a mainly yellow/red model.

What I never noticed before in this model was the creative way how they created the stabalizers. These are build with brick 1x8 black and can be push in and retracked. With the red/white pillars stored in front and the 2x2 plates stored behind the small blinds the stabalizers can be put together. I was surprised and realized that Lego is a toy ahead of its time in every decade.

I didn't yet get into details in other sets of the technic 80-ties but these 2 sets 857 and 855 got more than 1 b-models. Nowadays it is mainly 2in1 or sometimes 3in1. These sets had even more alternatives some with and some without instructions in the booklet.