A Dragster
1983 US Expert Builder catalog
3 new models were released; a racer, dragster and motorcycle. The 1924 motorcycle was the first Technic promotional set and was available, at least in some places, as a cereal premium. There were no new Technic elements in 1983.
1983 US sets
8847 Dragster:
The Dragster featured rack and pinion steering connected to the steering wheel via cross axles and 2-cylinder engine attached to the rear axle by a spur gear and differential. A chain drive attached to the spur gear spun a cross axle, simulating a cam shaft. The dragster achieved a somewhat realistic appearance by using pulleys for the narrow front wheels and the large Technic tires for the rear. The tapered body, with an interesting blue and white color scheme, was achieved by using hinged bricks. The original steering linkage proved too fragile and later versions had an insert page showing how to rebuild a stronger linkage. Overall an interesting and rather difficult to find model.

1983 sets:

1924 Motorcycle
8841 Desert Racer
8847 Dragster
By Isodomus