The 2nd Generation Pneumatics
1989 EU Technic catalog
7 new sets were released, including 4 new Universal Sets and 3 models. The new 80x4 series of universal sets included a pneumatic set and the short-lived 8054 Motorized set. 2 of the 3 new models featured the new pneumatic system.
2nd generation pneumatics
The 2nd generation pneumatics:
The 2nd generation pneumatic system included a new spring-loaded pump and cylinder, as well as the older pneumatic switch and tubing. The new cylinder was double-acting; it had an intake port on both sides of the piston. By directing air to either port the piston could be raised or lowered. This system resulted in simpler and more reliable circuits then the single-acting system. This arrangement has served as the basis of Lego pneumatics to the present day.
8862 Backhoe:
Considered by many the be one of the best Technic sets, the 8862 was the high point in a long line of construction vehicles. The front scoop could be raised and tilted through a series of cross axle/triangle links. The back hoe was operated via 3 separately controlled pneumatic cylinders arranged exactly as in the prototype. Finally a set of rear stabilizers could be raised and lowered via a pinion gear arrangement. The now common use of beams attached with friction pins was used to create the cab framework resulting in a model that not only successfully duplicated the functions of the prototype, but looked realistic as well.

1989 sets:

8024 Universal Set
8034 Universal Set
8044 Pneumatic Universal Set
8054 Motorized Universal Set
8835 Forklift
8854 Power Crane
8862 Back-Hoe
By Isodomus