A Transforming Robot
1987 EU Technic catalog
For the 2nd time in 3 years Lego released only 1 new set, the 8852 Robot, as well as the 3rd Idea book. Perhaps after the number of new releases in 1986 Lego had saturated its retail outlets. But whatever the reason it would be the last off year for Technic.
8852 Robot:
The Robot represents probably the last of second generation sets. The model was a truck that, when the wheel on the back was turned, transformed into a robot. The set featured a rather complex gear train consisting of a worm gear, several reinforced spur gears and a long rack. Turning the pulley wheel simultaneously raised the cab and shortened the wheelbase. In addition to the now standard use of beams, steering arms, toggle joints and cross axles, the model also used a number of non-technic elements, such as claws and train windows.
A rather unusual subject for the Technic line, the design was no doubt influenced by the popularity of robots, especially Transformers, in the mid 1980's, and represented another attempt to add additional play value to the model.

1987 sets:

8852 Robot
8890 Idea Book
By Isodomus