The year 2001 two big events; the introduction of Bionicles and the introduction of a new 'Super Car', although not everybody will consider this model 8466 '4x4 off-roader' as 'Super Car'.

The theme word is a combination of "biological" and "chronical". The concept can be seen as a continuation or successor of the former themes; Slizers/Throwbots and RoboRiders. Also the characters of Bionicles are based on classical elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Although the earlier sets of Bionicle were interoduced under the flag of Lego Technic it rapidly evolved into its own theme by the enormous success it has.

Strong point is probably the story lines for which Greg Farshtey is responsible. Even Lego Group still mantains a Bionicle site although the Theme was discontinued in 2010.

 Showdown In The Sky

Mata Nui has been busy since defeating the Skrall leader Tuma and helping Glatorian and Agori unite on Bara Magna. His quest to free his people, enslaved by the evil Makuta, continues as he journeys to the north. There, he finds an ancient fortress of the Great Beings, his creators. Inside, Mata Nui discovers a source of power so great that it could bring the smaller robot found on Bara Magna back to life. See for more stories Bionicle Site.


  I consider the 8466 Off-Roader released just 2 years after the Street Sensation as a Super Car also because it has the same features as 8448, but with an additional feature of all wheel drive! This off-roader is still a cross over model from technic bricks to technic lift arms. In this model however the amount of lift arms used is much more than technic brick used. The front and rear train are build out of technic lift arms so looking good. Funny is that the chassis is still designed with technic bricks which rises your eye brows during building this model.

The technic design of the all wheel drive is very like reality. Differentials in front and rear train and a differential incorporated in the gearbox. This model also uses the approach of a chassis with different coach models. Besides you could build a pneumatic tow hook with set 5218.

Sets for 2001:
1416 Bionicle Vakama
1418 Bionicle Matau
1419 Bionicle Nokama
1420 Bionicle Nuju
5223 Wind-up Motor
8007 Starwars C-3POTM
8008 Starwars StormtrooperTM
8240 Slammer Stunt Bike
8241 Battle Cars
8242 Slammer Turbo
8463 Forklift Truck
8464 Pneumatic Front-End Loader
8465 Extreme Off-Roader
8466 4x4 Off-Roader
8525 Bionicle Kanohi Box
8530 Bionicle Kanohi
8531 Bionicle Pohatu
8532 Bionicle Onua
8533 Bionicle Gali
8534 Bionicle Tahu
8535 Bionicle Lewa
8536 Bionicle Kopaka
8537 Bionicle Nui-Rama
8538 Bionicle Muaka Kane-Ra
8539 Bionicle Manas
8540 Bionicle Vakama
8541 Bionicle Matau
8542 Bionicle Onewa
8543 Bionicle Nokama
8544 Bionicle Nuju
8545 Bionicle Whenua
8546 Bionicle Power Pack
8548 Bionicle Nui-Jaga
8549 Bionicle Tarakava
880001 Trike Race
880010 Roboriders Value Pack
880011 Roboriders Value Pack
880012 Roboriders Value Pack