In 2000 again a lot of new sets are released. This year a huge number of 37 sets is released. First time is the release of
 Starwars sets under the Technic theme. In 1999 the first Starwars set was released in the Mindstorm theme. This years release contains 3 droids; Pit DroidTM, Battle DroidTM and the Destroyer DroidTM. The sets are considerably detailed counting the pieces ranging from 236 to 654 pieces per set.

New is a kind of tuning sets for cars. This contains a tyre set a side skirt set and 2 different chassis with which you can design your own racing cars.

Additionally a few smal starter sets are introduced. Strange thing is that the same sets for Asia get a different model ID. Probably because of the fact that the text on the boxes are in Japanese.

Besides the small starter sets and the Starwars sets a big formula 1 set is released consisting of 1443 pieces named the Silver Champion. This set introduces new tyres specifically for racing cars reused in later F1 Ferrari and Williams sets. Also a new part is introduced to mimic the wishbone suspension technic we know from racing cars in real live making this model very realistic.

Also this year the Slizers aka Throwbots are continued from 1999 with 3 new sets. Additionally a new series of RoboRiders was a TECHNIC theme launched by LEGO in 1999 as a successor to the Slizers theme. It was short lived, and was discontinued in 2001, when it was replaced by BIONICLE. These sets were well marketed by Lego including dynamic designs and bidon like packaging in stead of the oldfashioned carton boxes. It also came with a story and a website. Nevertheless this theme only lasted for one year.

In this year sveral new technic parts are launched like the reinforced shock absorber to carry bigger sized cars.

Technic Liftarm

The liftarm was introduced first time in 1989 with just one type. In the years after new once were introduced one by one. In 2000 however 10 new liftarms are introduced which is a big amount considering the release of 14 liftarms in the 11 years before. The 3, 5 and 15 long and the L-shape 3x5 and some thin once.

2000 sets:
1290 Volcano Climber
1291 Dirt Bike
1292 Ice Explorer
1293 Swamp Craft
5206 Speed Computer
5218 Pneumatic Pack
5219 Tyres and Drives Pack
5220 Styling Pack
5221 Motor Base Pack
5222 Chassis Pack
8000 Pit DroidTM
8001 Battle DroidTM
8002 Destroyer DroidTM
8003 Volcano Climber
8004 Dirt Bike
8005 Ice Explorer
8006 Swamp Craft
8236 Bike Burner
8237 Slammer Racer
8238 Slammer Dragsters
8300 Action Figures
8305 Duel Bikes
8307 Turbo Racer
8457 Power Puller
8458 Silver Champion
8509 Robo Riders Swamp
8510 Robo Riders Lava
8511 Robo Riders Frost
8512 Robo Riders Onyx
8513 Robo Riders Dust
8514 Robo Riders Power
8515 Robo Riders Wheels
8516 Robo Riders The Boss
8521 Flare Slizer
8522 Spark Slizer
8523 Blaster Slizer
79974 Race Pack (consists of 1268-Bike Blaster and 5704-LEGO Racers - PC CD-ROM)