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Technic Sets

8860 - Car Chassis

1 January 1980 - 1:00 am | Rate this article
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Expert Builder Series #8860 Car Chassis with big wheels and Rack and pinon steering, two-speed transmission, working cranckshaft ans pistons, Independent rear suspension, differential gears, adjustable reclining seats.

If it's a challange you want, it's a challenge you'll get with the Lego (r) Expert Builder Auto Chassis. You build it from the ground up and you build the working parts right in.
It has gears, pistons and universal joints that really move. Add an Expert Builder Pack and it revs to life.

 This set was introduced with a set price of 116.50 guilders.

The rack and pinion steering also follows Ackerman geometry, meaning the inner wheel steers in sharper than the outer wheel. The mechanism is pretty neat.
The 4 cylinder boxer engine runs like a charm when you push the car in one of the gears. Even the cooler fan turns while driving the car.
This car has a 2-speed transmission, which you can extend to a 3-speed transmission.
The adjustable reclining seats you can move back and forth and the back you can recline.
The fun part is you can easily adjust the setup to left or right hand driving.

Animation of this set made by Roland Melkert with LDCad view here.

Additional info

  • Building Instruction: YES
  • Currency: guilder
  • Set Number: 8860
  • Set Parts: 668
  • Set Price: 126.50
  • Set Year: 1980