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Technic Lego 857 Motor Cycle

7 February 2015 - 8:55 am

Lately I was working on the Lego© Technic history pages and run into the 857 Motorcycle from 1979. In fact a great model for the time. So my kids and I have a lot of Lego so first investigated if we would have the majority of parts in right color. This turned out to be positive. I was stunned by the complexity for this age and 'puberty' of Technic Lego©.

After collecting all the parts I found the building instructions via toysperiod.com. It took me just an hour to build it, however it was not as simple as I expected. Building 8110, 8297, 8258 to name a few complex sets. I didn't expect to be a set from 1979 to be difficult to build, how deceptive. First the amount of pieces per building step are much larger then nowadays, so you need to pay attention not to forget pieces. Besides due to the amount of pieces you have to determine yourself the best order of building. Furthermore the instructions are 'simpler', the chassis is ready and then you have to add the wheels?! Nowadays you build every step fitting the other. What stunned me was the creative geometry, especially the fact that Lego© just had 2 years of technic. The frame is creative and reinforced with a 1x4 fence! Later brackets would be introduced to have this kind of constructions. It also surprised me that the angle of the frame forwarded in the front fork fits the mudguard support axles! Last one that struck me was the construction of the saddle it fits with the frame and the rear mudguard. To summarize a great model to build on a lost evening, to go along memory lane of Technic Lego©.

Additional info

  • Building Instruction: NO
  • Currency: euro
  • Set Year: 1979